如果在適當的條件下 莊培鑫 個展 Under Right Circumstances – Pei-xin Chuang

如果在適當的條件下 莊培鑫 個展
Under Right Circumstances – Pei-xin Chuang

▼開幕會Opening Reception | 11/11(sat) 15:30
▼地點 Venue | Powen Gallery(紅野畫廊) (台北市松江路164巷11號 / 捷運松江南京站8號出口)

紅野官網 | http://www.powengallery.com/






With the explosion of information in the age of the Internet, all kinds of messages are easily communicated swiftly and conveniently in the absence of borders and without time differences. In this massive torrent of information, whether it is text, images, or audio, for us members of the Internet generation, what method of discrimination should we use to build a personal reading experience? Or how should we position our personal values in a world where truth and lies overlap?

In recent years, Pei-xin Chuang’s works have focused on the transformation and extension between real and fictitious, and have attempted to explore the conceptual awareness of disassociation produced by the mutual interactions between contemporary society and the world of the Internet. In this solo exhibition, ‘Under Right Circumstances’, he brings together a large amount of unclassified Internet information, subjectively organizes the appearance of the messages, and invites viewers to feel the discomfort brought about by the collection of technology.

The two parts of ‘Under Right Circumstances’ which are related separately and in parallel, are narrative video and information sculpture. Pei-xin Chuang utilizes the Internet to share the reorganization of videos, bringing out a collage of three short plays. A series of landscape scenes delivers a far-reaching tranquil atmosphere, while at the same time he puts the original translation of the film through Google Translate to translate the Chinese, making an important text which runs through the content, and then adds narration, narrating this seemingly esoteric and beautiful text in a moderate and unaffected tone. However, due to the erroneous deconstruction of each fragment of the original text carried out by this well-known translation tool, although the overall form possesses a poetic quality, its logic is incoherent, failed words and sentences appear continuously throughout the film, resulting in a powerful sense of breakage in the work’s reading. The artist makes ingenious use of a not yet completely developed technology (the translation tool) to lead to a ‘dislocation’ in the text, which is re-linked together with imagery and video to produce an extraordinary view of the modern age, attempting to calmly convey this bizarre and paradoxical information experience, and thus set in motion the subsequent imagination of viewers towards the message of the video.

Apart from dynamic imagery, Pei-xin Chuang has installed a number of twisted acrylic three-dimensional sculptures. Each piece has deep folds like a cotton curtain, and has been twisted, erected or hung in the exhibition. The Internet images stacked on the surface of the sculpture are a mixture of virtual and real-world images, all demonstrating a broken and chaotic state, and they are replete with all kinds of visual memories. The artist hopes that the viewer will be able to find the fragments of lost stories in the creases and folds of the work.

There have always been aspects of the interaction between technology and human nature worthy of debate, and the progress of the world continually reminds people to think about the boundaries between the two. Pei-xin Chuang has eliminated the traces of overlap between the digital world and the real world, and used this to ignite debate on the method of viewing. ‘Under Right Circumstances’ is like a maze; the choices taken at every intersection will affect the direction towards the exit, and as we face information, any method of interpretation taken will also induce the development of a totally different consciousness.